Marc Rebillet

– Update: 23 maart 2019 –

An introduction to the genius of Marc Rebillet ladies & gentlemen: the Loop Daddy,  the Improv King, the steaming funky sexy soul brother. He poops out songs on a daily base, at unbelievable high quality levels. Prince meets Zappa or whatever. Extremely musical & witty. Also a super nice guy. Saw him at Skate Cafe in Amsterdam. 

Set against the background of an average random US harbour city, sometime in the present, this delicate song tells the tale of Pirate Captain Blackbeard.

This track is a movie scene. Correction: this IS a movie. It has won four Emmy Awards so far: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Original Script and Best Sound Design.

Even with NO INSPIRATION at all Marc is pure genius. This boasts not only one the funkiest bass lines you’ve ever heard, but also contains a brilliant motivational speech. Entertainment and education at it’s best.

Go see him LIVE, whenever you get the chance. Most parts are completely improvised, on the spot…

…but there’s always a chance that he will perform one of  his mega HITS…

He’s on tour in Europe, and he will post a new track EVERY DAY, on his Youtube Channel, from any hotel room.

Even when his shit is lost in transit

Day 16: Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, live @ Skate Cafe, I was there!

Check out the comments below the video’s: they are as hilarious as entertaining. His fanbase seems to be THE BEST.

Ten years ago Marc was the famous iPhone guy.

I think that was his father, somewhere in the video….

And if you want to cry, just CRY. This one is just days after his dad passed away. Best song ever about your daddy. Just beautiful.

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