De Top 7000 Aller Tijden editie 2020

top 2000 aller tijden 7000 8000 2020

– Update: 6 februari 2021 –

Hierbij De Top 7000 Aller Tijden. Nou ja, inmiddels is het alweer de TOP 8000. Reeds! Nu ook met alle nieuwkomers van 2020 erbij. De lijst staat hier op Spotify. Gebaseerd op alle jaargangen van de NPO Radio 2 Top 2000, aangevuld met Dance Classics – want die vergeten ze nogal. Ruim 20% is Nederlandse of Nederlandstalige muziek. Zeer geschikt ook voor in de auto.

De bovenste tweeduizend nummers zijn min of meer nog op volgorde, van de vorige edities van de Top 2000. Natuurlijk negeer ik de nieuwe nummer 2. Maar Danny Vera staat er echt wel in hoor – wees gerust! Om de lijst aan te vullen heb ik negen afspeellijsten gemaakt met de Top 200 van elk jaar, van 1976 tot en met 1984. Die lijstjes per jaar beginnen telkens met de Top 100 per jaar in Nederland, op volgorde dus, aangevuld met de Internationale Top 100 van dat jaar.

TOP 2000 editie 2020

Je kan de nieuwe binnenkomers van 2020 ook achter elkaar horen, als je sorteert op de laatste kolom in Spotify (“datum toegevoegd”). Dan komen de nieuwste bovenaan. Moet je Shuffle wel uitzetten! Appeltje-S!

Meer statistieken op de fan-site

De grootste stijgers en dalers staan hier. Lange Frans is uit de gratie. En Floor Jansen van Nightwish is eindelijk ontdekt in Nederland, dankzij “De Beste zangers”. Fight the Power van Public Enemy staat natuurlijk al lang in de Top 8000, maar niet in de huidige top 2000. Een moderne BLM-hit, King Kunta van Kendrick Lamar staat er wel in – als nieuwkomer. En Live is life staat er ook weer in, nu speciaal voor Maradona.

Meeblèren? Zie de blog over Karaoke Lyrics.

Ik heb er behalve meer dance hits ook onder andere Turkse, Arabische en Afrikaanse muziek bijgezet, voor zover dat in Nederland hits waren. Zoals Tarkan en Cheb Khaled.

Top 7000 Aller Tijden, op Spotify:

Top 200 1976

Top 200 1977

Top 200 1978

Top 200 1979

Top 200 1980

Top 200 1981

Top 200 1982

Top 200 1983

Top 200 1984

Zie ook de blog over de Spotify Dj-tips, of alle blogs over Audio & Muziek hier.

top 7000 aller tijden

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  1. Als we toch een italo-lijst maken, wat dacht je van deze:

    Alyne – Over the sky
    Angie – Clouds
    K.Barre – Right by the moon
    Wish key – Last summer
    Ranko – Happy world
    Cube – Concert boy
    Kano – Another life
    Primadonna – Flashing on the floor
    Rofo – I want you
    Alba – Only music survives
    Rollerforce – Subway
    Clio – Faces
    Charles Augins – Baby I need your loving
    Styloo – Pretty face
    Den Harrow – A taste of love
    Scotch – Pictures
    Doctor’s cat – Watch out

  2. Hier mijn top 500 aller tijden:

    ABC / Unzip
    Ace Frehley / Eugene
    Adam Ant / Puss’n boots
    Adventures / Tell me now
    Agents aren’t aeroplanes / The upstroke
    A-HA / I call your name
    Al Jarreau / Roof garden
    Alan Parsons project / Lucifer
    Alan Parsons project / In the lapse of the Gods
    Alba / Only music survives
    Alegres, Los / Yes, I do like your Bermuda
    Alessi brothers / Seabird
    All quiet / Part time criminal
    Alphaville / Sounds like a melody (12″)
    Andrea / I’m a lover
    Angela Werner / Fantasy
    Angie / Clouds
    Animotion / Obsession
    Animotion / I engineer
    Associates / Schampout
    Athos / A new way is born
    Axelle Red / A tatons
    Aztec camera / Somewhere in my heart
    Aztec camera / Oblivious
    Aztec camera / Walk out to winter
    B.A. Robertson / Bang bang
    Bad manners / What the papers say
    Bananarama / Rough justice
    Bananarama / State I’m in
    BBM / Where in the world
    Bebu Silvetti / Spring rain
    Belle stars / Indian summer
    Beloved, The / Time after time
    Beloved, The / Don’t you worry
    Bibi Martin / Look at me
    Big audio dynamite / E=mc 2
    Big country / Chance
    Bill Withers / I can’t write left handed
    Bill Pritchard / Invisible state
    Bill Pritchard / I’m in love forever
    Billy Idol / Flesh for fantasy
    Billy Idol / White wedding
    Black / The sweetest smile
    Blancmange / Blind vision
    Blancmange / Don’t you love it all
    Blancmange / Don’t tell me
    Blankets of secrecy / Say you wil
    Bolland and Bolland / You’re in the army now
    Bonnie Tyler / Here she comes
    Bonnie Tyler / Holding out for a hero
    Boomtown rats / When the night comes
    Boomtown rats / Tonight
    Bow wow wow / Do you wanna hold me?
    Bow wow wow / The man mountain
    Brecker brothers / East river
    Brigitte Bardot / Contact
    Buckeye / Where will your heart take you
    Bucks fizz / One of those nights
    Bucks fizz / Suzanne
    Buena vida, La / La pandilla
    Buggles / Lenny
    Bus boys / American worker
    Cactus rain / Till the morning comes
    Call, The / Everywhere I go
    Captain sensible / Kamikaze millionaire
    Captain sensible / Glad it’s all over
    Captain sensible / I’m a spider
    Carlsberg / All the president’s men
    Cars / Hello again
    Cashmere / Love’s what I want
    Casual affairs / Emotional man
    Catch, The / 25 years
    Cathy Claret / Loli-Lolita
    Cee Farrow / Wildlife romance
    Centerfold / Play the game
    Century / Why lover why
    Chaplin band / Il veliero
    Chicago / Stay the night
    Chico and the chile sisters / No news is better than bad news
    China crisis / Sweet charity in adoration
    Chris Rainbow / Ring ring
    Clash, The / Rock the Casbah
    Climax blues band / Gotta have more love
    Clio / Faces
    Clout / Under fire
    Cube, The / Concert boy
    Culture club / Church of the poison mind
    Cure, The / Close to me
    Cure, The / In between days
    Cutting crew / Frigid as England
    Damned, The / In dulce decorum
    Daryl Ann / We love danger
    Dave Dobyn / Slice of heaven
    Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin / My scene
    David Gates / Took the last train
    David Bowie / Like a shining star
    David Bowie / Station to station
    David Bowie / 1984
    David Bowie / Diamond dogs
    David Bowie / It’s no game (part 2)
    David Roach / Emotional jungle
    David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto / Forbidden colours
    David Sylvian / Red guitar
    Dead can dance / Anywhere in the world
    Dead or alive / Son of a gun
    Dead or alive / I wanna be a toy
    Deodato / Happy hour
    Depeche mode / Master and servant
    Diesel / Samantha
    Dino / 24/7
    Dislocation dance / Midnight shift
    Divynils / I touch myself
    Doce / Starlight
    Dof / Love me
    Dollar / Hands held in black and white
    Doll by doll / Caritas
    Don Henley / All she wants to do is dance
    Don Henley / Sunset grill
    Don Dixon / Praying mantis
    Doris D and the Pins / Starting at the end
    Double / I know a place
    Double / Rangoon moon
    Dr. Calculus / Programm 7
    Dream academy / Life in a Northern town
    Duncan Browne / The wild places
    Duran duran / Friends of mine
    Duran Duran / Hold back the rain (12″ )
    Duran duran / Careless memories
    EBN OZN / AEIOU sometimes Y
    Echo and the bynnymen / Seven seas
    Echo and the Bunnymen / Silver
    Ellen Foley / We belong to the night
    Ellis, Beggs and Howard / Where did tomorrow go?
    E.L.O. / Here is the news
    E.L.O. / Secret messages
    Erasure / Blue Savannah
    Etienne Daho / Comme un igloo
    Eurythmics / I need a man
    Eurythmics / Belinda
    Eurythmics / Never gonna cry again
    Explorers / Lorilei
    Farmer boys / Soft drink
    Fiat lux / Secrets
    Fiction factory / Ghost of love
    Fishbone / Ma and pa
    Fixx, The / Stand or fall
    Fixx, The / Red skies
    Flash and the pan / Lady killer
    Flock of seagulls / Wishing (If I had a photograph of you)
    Flock of seagulls / The more you live the more you love
    Foreigner / Urgent
    Fox / S-s-single bed
    F.R. David / Words
    Fra lippo lippi / Shouldn’t have to be like that
    Fra lippo lippi / Light and shade
    fra lippo lippi / Everytime I see you
    Frank Zappa / Dancin’ fool
    Frank Popp ensemble / The world is waiting
    Frankie Miller / When I’m away from you
    Frankie goes to Hollywood / Maximum joy
    Freiheit / Keeping the dream alive
    French love / Deep blue feeling
    Frizzle sizzle / Look at the stars
    Fun fun / Lonely feeling
    Fun boy three / The lunatics
    Galaxy Linn / Bizarre
    Gangway / My girl and me
    Gary Brooker / No more fear of flying
    Gary Numan / I can’t stop
    Gary Numan / Cars
    Gary Fane / Aquarius
    Gazebo / Love in your eyes
    Gemini / Just like that
    General public / A little tenderness
    Gerry Rafferty / Sleep walking
    Girlie / Andy
    Glenn Burtnick / Local heroe
    Glenn Burtnick / Face in the mirror
    Godley and Creme / An Englishman in New York
    Godley and Creme / Samson
    Godley and Creme / Snack attack
    Go-Go’s / Head over heals
    Goldfrapp / Fly me way
    Goldfrapp / Time out from the world
    Gong / Crosscurrents
    Gowan / A criminal mind
    G-Race / Blue tambourine
    Greg Kihn band / Jeopardy
    Gruppo sportivo / Disco really made it
    Guillemots / Get over it
    Guys ’n dolls / Broken dreams
    Haindling / Lang scho nimma g’sehn
    Haircut 100 / Love plus one
    Harri Stokja express / Somebody like you
    Harry Chalkitis / The same old situation
    Heaven 17 / Crushed by the wheels of industry (12″)
    heaven 17 / We live so fast
    Helen Reddy / Imagination
    High Llamas / Winter’s day
    Hipsway / The broken years
    hoodoo gurus / What’s my scene?
    Hooters / All you zombies
    House of love / Shine on
    Housemartins / Build
    Housemartins / Think for a minute
    Howard Jones / Things can only get better (12″ )
    Hue and cry / Labour of love
    Huey Lewis and the news / I want a new drug
    Huey Lewis and the news / Heart and soul
    Huey Lewis and the news / Small world (part 1)
    Human league / Keep feeling fascination
    Human league / Seconds
    Human league / Love action
    Human league / Are you ever coming back?
    Ian Dury / Spasticus autisticus (12″ )
    Icehouse / Hey little girl
    Icehouse / Sons
    Icehouse / Glam
    Icicle works / Cauldron of love
    Iko / Wipe the tears from your eyes
    INXS / Jumping
    It bites / Calling all the heroes
    J. Geils band / Come back (12″)
    J. Geils band / Love stinks
    J. Geils band / Rage in the cage
    J. Geils band / Flamethrower
    Jaivas, Los / Bebida magica
    Jam, The / Precious
    Jan Akkerman / Oil in the family
    Japan / Adolescent sex
    Jimmy Nail / Airwaves
    Jimmy the Hoover / Tantalise
    Joe Jackson / Nineteen forever
    Johan Lindell / On the roof
    John Howard / It’s you I want
    Jona Lewie / Hallelujah Europa
    Jonathan Richman and the modern lovers / Egyptian reggae
    Jude / Mirror mirror
    Julian cope / World shut your mouth
    Juniors / Hold on
    Justin Heyward / Forever autumn
    K. barre / Right by the moon
    Kajagoogoo / Turn your back on me
    Kajagoogoo / Big apple
    Kajagoogoo / Lion’s mouth
    Kajagoogoo / Do I
    Katrina and the waves / Walking on sunshine
    Kayak / Anne
    KC and the Sunshine band / Give it up
    Kiki and Pearly / Patrick mon cherie
    Killing joke / Night time
    Kim Wilde / The touch
    Kim Wilde / Never trust a stranger
    King / Love and pride (USA summer mix)
    King kurt / Banana banana
    Kinks / Come dancing
    Kinks / Don’t forget to dance
    Kinobe / Let;s slip into something more comfortable
    Kirsty Mac.Coll / A New England (12″ )
    Kiss / Naked city
    Kiss / Easy as it seems
    Kissing the pink / Mr. Blunt
    Korgis, The / Don’t look back
    Korgis / If I had you
    Laura Branigan / Gloria
    Laura Branigan / Self control
    Led Zeppelin / D’yer mak’er
    Leisure proces / A way you’ll never be
    Lemming / Crazy spider
    Level 42 / The chant has began
    Lighning seeds / Sweet dreams
    Limahl / Only for love
    Lime / Babe we’re gonna love tonight
    Limit, The / Photomania
    Linda Jo Rizzo / Just one word
    Linx / Intuition
    Lio / Amoureux solitaire
    Little Steven / Bitter fruit
    Logic system / Person to person
    Lotus eaters / You don’t need someone new
    Lou and the Hollywood bananas / Kingston, Kingston
    Louis Parker / Is that you?
    M / Join the party
    M / Official secets
    Macho / Roll
    Madness / Our house
    Magic power / Walking down the street
    Mainframe / 5 minutes
    Maisonettes / Heartache avenue
    Maisonettes / This affair
    Man ray / Todo cambia
    Manfred Mann’s earth band / Spirits in the night
    Marc Almond / Waifs and strays
    marc Almond / Tears run rings
    Maria Conchita Alonso / Vamos a bailar esta noche
    Martika / Toy soldiers
    Martin Agterberg / Behind the mountains
    Massada / Surat kaleng
    Matia bazar / Souvenir
    Matia bazar / Noi
    Matthew Wilder / I don’t speak the language
    Max Q / The way of the world
    Meat loaf / More than you deserve
    Memo / Piano bar
    Men without hats / The safety dance
    Men without hats / Pop goes the world
    Mention / Strange world
    Meteors / Together too long
    Michael Jackson / Speed demon
    Michael lerans to rock / The actor (7″ )
    Mika / Lollipop
    Mikael Rickfors / Dancing on the edge of danger
    Milk / Wings
    Mink Devile / Each word is a beat from my heart
    Mission / Tower of strength
    Mission / Like a child again
    Mistral / Jamie
    Mistral / Nectar
    Moloko / Indigo
    Mono / Life in mono
    Montellas / Protection (12″)
    Mood, The / Passion in dark rooms
    Mood, The / Don’t stop
    Motors, The / Tenement steps
    Mystery romance / I deed so far away
    Nadieh / Katoozazai
    Nails, The / Let it all hang out
    Nena / Irendwie, irgendwo, irgerndwann (12″)
    New order / Subculture (12″)
    Nick Nicely / DCT dreams
    Nick Heyward / Take that situation
    Nik Kershaw / Dancin’ girls
    Nik Kershaw / Radio musicola
    Nolans / I gotta pull myself together
    Ocean rain / Just let me know
    OMD / Souvenir
    OMD / Messages
    Opus / Life is live
    Orange juice / Rip it up
    Orlando riva sound / Indian reservation
    Pale fountains / Unless
    Paolo Conte / Max
    Patrick Hernandez / Born to be alive
    Paul Mc.Cartney / Dress me up as a robber
    Paul Young / The rough spot
    Paul Haig / Heaven sent
    Paul Haig / Big blue world
    Paul Haig / Don’t rush in
    Paul Young / No parlez
    Pekenikes, Los / Musical 2000
    Phil Carmen / On my way in L.A.
    Picnic at the whitehouse / Heaven
    Pigbag / Papa’s got a brand new pigbag
    Planets, The / Lines
    Police / behind my camel
    Police / Invisible sun
    Police / Demolition man
    Police / Darkness
    Pop concerto orchestra / Love me touch me
    Poppy family / Which way you’re going Billy?
    Prefab sprout / The king of rock’n roll
    President, The / You’re gonna like it
    Propaganda / Femme fatale
    Pulp / Death goes to disco
    Pussyfoot / I like to do it
    Queen / Dancer
    Queen / Calling all girls
    Queen / Staying power
    Quick, The / The rhythm of the jungle
    Radio java / Fool
    Rah band / The crunch
    Random hold / Etceteraville
    Ranko / Happy world
    Real life / Send me an angel
    Red box / For America
    Re-flex / Hitline
    Renegade soundwave / Probably a robbery
    Ric Ocasek / Emotion in motion
    Richard Gotainer / Le manbo du decalco
    Rick van der Linden / Super dream GT-2000
    Rick van der Linden / Double flute X2
    Righeira / No tengo dineiro
    Roaring boys / Strange girl
    Robert Plant / Heaven knows
    Robert Marlow / I just want to dance
    Rock and Hyde / Dirty water
    Rockefeller / Speaking drums
    Rofo / You’ve got to move it on
    Roger Glover / So remote
    Romantics / Talking in your sleep
    Ronnie bond / Fly on the wall
    Rough trade / All touch
    Roxy music / Angel eyes (7″)
    Roxy music / The space between
    Roy White / Strange to be with you
    Rupert Hine / Misplaced love
    Russ Ballard / Here comes the hurt
    Ryan Paris / We have it beautiful
    Sailor / Down by the docks
    Sally Oldfield / Mirrors
    Santa Esmeralda / Part of the deal
    Scritti politti / A little knowledge
    Scritti politti / The sweetest girl
    Secret sounds / Promises
    Sergio Mendez and Brazil ’77 / Love me tomorrow
    Sherry Kean / I want you back
    Shriekback / All lined up
    Shriekback / Nemesis
    Simple minds / I travel
    Sinceros, The / Worlds apart
    Sly fox / Let’s go all the way
    Smithereens / You is a guarantee for love
    Smiths / How soon is now?
    Sniff’n the tears / Driver’s seat
    Soft cell / Torch (12″ )
    Sophie and Peter Johnston / Torn open
    Space monkey / Can’t stop running
    Spandau ballet / Coffee club
    Spandau ballet / Musclebound
    Spargo / Lady
    Special AKA / What I like most about you is your girlfriend
    Specials / Gangsters
    Specials / Ghost town
    Split enz / Six months in a leaky boat
    Split enz / Message to my girl
    Sports, The / How come
    Squeeze / Out of touch
    Squeeze / Take me I’m yours
    St. Etienne / How we used to live
    Status quo / Whatever you want
    Stephen tin tin Duffy / Unkiss that kiss
    Stephen Tin tin Duffy / Kiss me (12″ )
    Stephen Tin tin Duffy / Icing on the cake
    Stevie B. / Wild about you
    Stranglers / Skin deep
    Stranglers / You’ll always reap what you sow
    Strawberry switchblade / 10 James Orr street
    Supertramp / It’s raining again
    Suzi Quatro / Tonight I could fall in love
    Swimming with sharks / Careless love
    Swiss navy / Cool-de-jack
    Talk talk / Have you heard the news?
    Talk talk / Talk talk
    Talking heads / Drugs
    Talking heads / Crosseyed and painless
    Tears for fears / Suffer the children
    Tears for fears / Mother’s talk
    Ten CC / Feel the love
    Ten CC / Food for thought
    Tenpole tudor / Wunderbar
    Terry, Blair & Anouchka / Ultra modern nursery rhyme
    The The / Soul mining
    Thinkman / Best adventures
    This mortal coil / Not me
    This island earth / See that glow
    Thompson twins / Living in Europe
    Thompson twins / Politics
    Tierra / Together
    Tiga / Far from home
    Time bandits / You are every world
    Time bandits / Lookin’ out
    Tony Hadley / For your blue eyes only
    Toto / You got me
    Toto / Stay away
    Tracey Ullman / They don’t know
    Transister / Dizzy moon
    Transvision vamp / Sister moon
    Triffids / A trick of the light
    Triffids / Falling
    Trix / Fantasy
    Tubeway army / Are friends electric?
    Twins, The / Deep within my heart
    T.X.T. / Cold as ice
    UB 40 / If it happens again (12″ )
    UB 40 / Food for thought
    Ultravox / The thin wall
    Ultravox / White China
    Underworld / Underneath the radar
    Valerie Dore / The night
    Valerie Dore / Get closer
    Vanessa Paradis / Sunday Mondays
    Vangelis / Spiral
    Vegas / Walk into the wind
    Vels, The / Look my way
    Viktor Lazlo / I don’t want to love again
    Village people / 5 ‘o clock in the morning
    Visage / Night train (7″)
    Visage / Pleasure boys
    Visage / We move
    Wang chung / Don’t let go
    Ward brothers / Cross that bridge
    Wax / Right between the eyes
    Wax / Anchors aweigh
    Wax / Breakout
    Way of the west / Don’t say it’s just for white boys
    What fun / The right side won
    what fun / Let’s get digital
    Will Powers / Adventures in success
    XTC / Senses working overtime
    Zu zu sharks / Love tumbles down
    En: ??????????? / Like the wind

  3. awesomeness. ga hem meteen luisteren. Je mag natuurlijk altijd De Grote Steen met Toch Denk Ik Aan Je toevoege, al weet ik wel dat die nog geen plekje verdienen in de grote songs allertijden ;-) Dank! Ik zoek altijd naar goede lijsten met veel bekende hits, maar de meeste zijn zo kort dat ze zich te snel herhalen. Hier kan ik wel even mee blijven shuffelen!

  4. Voor mij ziet de top er wat ande4s uit.
    Rofo rofo’ theme
    Mike mareen – dancing in the dark
    Rofo – flashlight on a disco night
    Robin s – love 4 love
    Rofo – you’ve got to move it
    Italian boys – forever lovers
    Doctors cat – watch out
    Doctors cat – feel the drive
    Mr flagio – take a chance
    Ken laszo – hey hey Guy
    Cyber people – doctor faustu’s

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